Find-the-Line is a completely unique and beautiful puzzle game with a definitely novel concept (patent pending).


The player’s task is to swipe the lines that together form a beautiful object of the related World Theme.



  • • 10 unique themes each with their own skins that alter how Find-The-Line looks as you play
  • • Over 200 unique hand-crafted levels
  • • Rising complexity levels of different Themes
  • • Amazing animated stories at the end of each theme.
  • • Each line is a story within itself, depicting associative imagery that hints on the solution to the level.
  • • The variety of hints that help the player to proceed within the game.
  • • Hidden Stars and Keys that add more challenges to the game.

Arrange lines to create images in this unique and beautiful puzzle game. Moving each line is easy as you look for clues in each line’s movement and piece them together to craft everything from household objects to iconic monuments.

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Official video trailer






Find the Line – Best Upcoming Game for the 10th International Mobile Gaming Awards!


Find the Line – App of the Year – Yodo Game Award 2015

Find the Line – Innovation Award at BIG Festival 2015



Your game is the reason for why Indie Games are a work of art and passion. Ideas is better than polygons quantity. Keep this up! (Marco Giammetti , IGN)


Very original, as much of an experience on a game, community could be huge. (Keith Andrew,,


A really beautiful designed game! The gameplay is not that hard, but you have to think hard to get to the solution :-) . I really like this game, also because of the amazing Animations! You did very well! (Fabian Sluga,


It reacts to my input very smoothly, and I like how physics bring movement to life. Great game, Keep it Up! (Jacek Goliatowski, )


This is a game that you would love to curl up with in bed and just relax. (Refat Kurpiewski,


A very cool game with fine graphics. (Fradarick Ostarhoff, appgefahren GmbH,


Thank you for presenting creativity :-) (Ward Dijkhuis,

The full style and Visuals of Find the Line are intriguing. But what really hits the spot is that Find the Line accomplishes what many games cannot: imagine what else is possible beyond standard game mechanics. It’s a hidden object game in the end, but what is really interesting is the way you get to the object. Multiple lines dance across the screen, brought to life by a simple touch and swipe. It’s complex when it wants to be, it’s calm, when you need it to be! (Jacob Rogalski,

Unique style/visuals, easy controls, really nice: hidden pictures, different themes = good idea! Best! (Tobi Trepte, AppGemeince,


Nicely animated, creative, fresh! (Philipp, Cologne, Germany)


Потенциально интересный проект направленный на развитие воображения. (Андрей Сиротин,


Very good! Nice style, maybe a little more hints. (Davide Just)


Cool game. (Laurin Englert, Cplogne, Germany)


If you know what to do, it’s a really funny and addictive game. It was a pleasure to play the game. Nataliya gave me a treat introduction. Best wishes to Ukraine! (Philipp Ipp, Cologne, Germany)


Nice idea and execution. (P. Hochmudh, Cologne, Germany).


«Find The Line, an effortlessly simply but fascinating game, was one such title that we found ourselves absorbed in.» (John Bedford,   «Chaque ligne raconte une histoire» (Pocket Gamer France)     «Calm and peaceful atmosphere» (Jared Nelson, Touch Arcade)     «Find The Line already looks quite memorable» (Jennifer Allen, 148Apps)     «I am looking forward to taking it for a spin» (Dave Flodine,     «Mit diesem User Generated Content könnte Find the Line eine extreme Langlebigkeit an den Tag bringen.» (Jakob Rogalski, iTouchandPLAY)     «as heißt, dass sich die Musik dynamisch an die gezeigten Inhalte und den gewählten Hintergrund anpasst.» (Game-Pedia)     «Find the Line is Stigol’s unique line-based puzzle title where players must form shapes with lines, on-screen.» (Colm Ahern, God is a Geek)     «Meiner Meinung nach wird Find The Line ein absolutes Top-Game, was eine hohe Chart-Position verdient hat.» (APP gefahren)