How to manage a software project ?

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Professional approach to the work in any sector of the economy involves getting benefits from it. Development of programs is not an exception. Therefore, the economic efficiency of the project is a main goal which needs to be put for developers. It can be simply defined as an attitude of sum of the desired income towards the sum of the cost. If a project (for example, a computer game) is oriented on the massive usage it will be very difficult to count any profit in advance. One of the methods of estimation of profits is an analysis of projects-competitors. But it is difficult to obtain an accurate information on the number of sold copies of the product. That is why any data on the level of income may be wrong because "other people's money is easier to count than yours."


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Byte Master

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Byte Master



● 99 levels to complete

● Lots of IDLE Items

● Merging the higher levels with Level-Up

● Complete the missions

● Variety of Hints to help you master

Now, are you ready for the challenges?

Watch the Launch Trailer!

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CandyKaze is fun and addictive casual game, soon to be released.

Once, there was a system failure at a candy factory. The mechanisms of the factory wedged and the blocks of sweets were scattered all over the sweet worlds.

And now an Airplane-Bomber has a new challenge – he must clear all the blocks.

The main hero is a small pilot in a toy plane that has to destroy all the candy blocks with the help of bombs. Every time the plane flies over the blocks, its flight altitude decreases, that is why the candy blocks must be destroyed before the plane hits them.

So try to collect and use varied bombs to help him!

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