Game development problems

January 10, 2013 Leave a comment

     In most cases, people who want to develop games already have some success in other areas of programming, and, that is why starting the implementation of this idea, they think that development is as interesting as the process of the game. But over time, such "romantic" is quickly fading away and is being replaced by "gray" labour week-days. In fact, at this time the design of the game conducts far more mathematical calculations than in the economic programs, and there are more various content than in the most beautiful websites; that is why the game-development is one of the most difficult directions of creation programs.

In addition, the quality of the game more depends on the quality of the picture, but not on the quality of writing code, because nobody will play the game if instead of a character, a “black box” runs there. 

    Practically, from the beginning of our work we were sure in the correctness of these thoughts. Because, unlike ordinary program, an image and the game interface must be perfectly tuned, here can't be any delays, expectations, and "braking". 


     Also, while doing games for mobile devices,seemingly, we were faced with long ago forgotten problems, such as lack of RAM or large size of application. Another problem is the different placement of elements of the scene for various models of devices. Herewith, considering the emergence of new models of iPhone and iPad, this problem becomes relevant not only for the operating system Android, but also for IOS.
     Despite the enormous amount of materials on the Internet, the correct solution of a certain problem is not easy to find. Therefore, we want to launch a series of blogs in which we will describe the methods of resolving the problems, that occurred in our team during working on gaming software projects. These solutions have significantly saved our time, so we hope that they will help you too.

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